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Delightful and potent, the Rainbow Sherbet cannabis strain is a symphony of sensations. Picture forest green nugs, sprinkled with bright orange hairs and an amber sheen of trichomes. As you inhale, your senses are treated to a fruity, earthy aroma, reminiscent of the childhood dessert it’s named after. Its taste mirrors its smell, a delightful blend of sweet and earthy, with a hint of mint to round off the experience. Beyond its sensory delights, Rainbow Sherbet promises an uplifting cerebral journey, coupled with a soothing body relaxation. Whether you’re seeking relief from ailments or a unique sensory trip, this strain is your next must-try.

Note: There is more than 1 version of Rainbow Sherbet. Rainbow Sherbet #11 by Deep East is a different strain with different genetics with varying reports online. ISMOKE reports ZkittleZ X OZK and Highest Critic reports OZK Guava X Sunset Sherbet bx1

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Strain Breakdown


The Rainbow Sherbet strain, with its delectable name, showcases forest green nugs adorned with bright orange hairs. Draped in an amber covering of trichomes, its beauty gives a tantalising hint of its potency and a promise of the cerebral journey it intends to deliver.


This strain tantalises the nostrils with an intriguing blend of scents. Its aroma is a medley of sweet, earthy, and fruity notes. Underlying these dominant fragrances is a delightful hint of pine and woodiness, accented by sweet berry overtones and a refreshing mint.


Much like a spoonful of the classic dessert, Rainbow Sherbet’s taste is an amalgamation of fruity, earthy, and sweet. Its taste profile boasts notes that are reminiscent of berries, complemented by a sugary exhale. A lingering taste of refreshing mint rounds off the sensory experience.


Upon consumption, Rainbow Sherbet delivers a rush of cerebral energy. Expect an uplifted mood paired with a newfound sense of creativity and focus. As the initial head high wanes, a serene body relaxation takes over, which then morphs into a body stone that’s described as arousing.


For those with green fingers, cultivating Rainbow Sherbet is an appealing project. This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, one can anticipate 1 to 2 ounces per square foot. In contrast, outdoor growing can yield around 2 to 3 ounces per square foot or approximately 550 grams per plant. Notably, its flowering period ranges from 49 to 60 days.


Rainbow Sherbet boasts a rich terpene profile: dominant Myrcene (earthy taste promoting calmness), Linalool (floral fragrance aiding in combating anxiety), Limonene (tangy flavour known for mood-boosting), Humulene (earthy aroma and spicy taste known for its calming effects), and Caryophyllene (spicy flavour with anti-inflammatory benefits).

Medical Properties

Rainbow Sherbet isn’t just for recreational users. It’s recognised for aiding a plethora of medical conditions, including anxiety, depression, nausea, chronic pain, and spinal cord injuries. Its high THC content, combined with a diverse cannabinoid profile, provides relief for various conditions.


Rainbow Sherbet stands out in the cannabis world for its balanced properties, offering both a cerebral and body high. Its unique taste and aroma, combined with its medical benefits and ease of cultivation, make it a strain worth exploring for both novices and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts.

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