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Moroccan Peaches terpenes

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The Moroccan Peaches strain is listed as a Sativa-dominant hybrid containing 27% THC and less than 1% CBD. Bred in the US by Purple City Genetics, the medical flower is cultivated in Portugal by Herdade Das Barrocas; it’s a cross between Spanish Barbara and Lemon Tree Skorange, grown in a greenhouse setting. It has been brought to the UK by Big Narstie Medical, distributed by Grow Pharma and available on prescription from a specialist doctor. This strain features a terpene blend including Caryophyllene, Trans-Nerolidol, and Limonene, offering a distinctive aroma and taste profile.

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Strain Breakdown


The Moroccan Peaches cannabis strain has a visually appealing look with densely packed buds. These buds feature a mix of green shades and are highlighted by bright orange pistils. A significant presence of trichomes gives the buds a frosty appearance, indicative of the strain’s potency.


Moroccan Peaches emits a strong citrus aroma, primarily due to Limonene, its dominant terpene. This citrus scent is complemented by spicy and floral notes, with a background of earthy and woody fragrances. This combination of scents suggests a high-quality, potent strain.


The taste of Moroccan Peaches mirrors its aromatic profile, with a predominant citrus flavour accompanied by spicy and floral undertones. This flavour profile is complex, combining tangy, spicy, and sweet notes in each consumption.


As a medical cannabis strain in the UK, Moroccan Peaches is known for its balanced effects. It provides mood upliftment and relaxation without excessive sedation, making it suitable for managing stress and anxiety. Its balanced nature makes it a versatile choice for medical users.


No data recorded on the specific cultivation processes of Moroccan Peaches. However, clones of this strain have previously been available for purchase in the US from Purple City Genetics.


The dominant terpenes in Moroccan Peaches are Limonene, Caryophyllene, Linalool, Myrcene, and Humulene. These terpenes contribute to the strain’s citrus and spicy aroma, as well as its potential therapeutic benefits.

Medical Properties

Moroccan Peaches is particularly valued for its medical properties. It is used for stress relief, mood enhancement, and anxiety management. Its potential for pain relief makes it a candidate for chronic pain management.


Moroccan Peaches is a medical cannabis strain that offers a balance of aesthetic appeal, aroma, taste, and therapeutic benefits. It is a versatile strain suitable for various medical uses, including stress relief and pain management.

Medical Cannabis is legal on prescription in the UK. Releaf offers specialist appointments with doctors who understand cannabis Learn More

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