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Modified Gas (Green Karat)


Modified Gas


Modified Gas (Green Karat)


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Modified Gas (Green Karat) terpenes

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Modified Gas, a unique Indica-Dominant hybrid strain features an extraordinary appearance, and a darker shade that sets it apart from the usual cannabis buds. The strain’s aroma is a captivating blend of gassy and diesely notes, complemented by a hint of pine. This enticing bouquet is a prelude to its rich flavour profile, where earthy and musky tones take center stage, thanks to its unique terpene composition.

Its effects are profound and lasting, primarily due to its high THC content of around 27%. This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking relief from pain and migraines. The experience of Modified Gas is not just a journey for the senses but also a therapeutic escape for the body and mind.

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Strain Breakdown


The Modified Gas strain boasts an intriguing visual appeal, diverging from the typical forest green hue of most cannabis buds. This strain features a darker, more pronounced color palette. Its dense, dry buds, meticulously trimmed, display tight green nodes, resembling the high-quality buds often seen in Californian strains, albeit with a slightly less frosty appearance. Upon closer inspection, the dark leaves are adorned with visible trichomes, adding to its aesthetic allure.


Modified Gas exudes a robust aroma, strongly reminiscent of gassy and diesely scents, akin to classic strains like Chemdog and Sour Diesel. The potent smell from the bag hints at pine, despite not being a major terpene component. The terpenes myrcene, linalool, and limonene contribute to its unique olfactory profile – myrcene infuses a herbal muskiness, linalool adds floral and spicy notes, while limonene imparts a sour twist.


The flavour profile of Modified Gas is as impressive as its aroma. When consumed via a vaporiser, the gassy undertones are unmistakably prominent. The earthy and musky tones dominate, attributable to its distinctive terpene composition. This strain offers a palate-pleasing experience, balancing intensity with nuanced flavours.


Modified Gas is notably potent, with a THC content ranging between 26-27.5%. Its effects are predominantly body-oriented, leaning towards Indica characteristics. Users can expect a strong, relaxing high, making it effective for pain relief and alleviating migraines. Its high THC concentration ensures a powerful and long-lasting impact.


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Dominating the profile are myrcene, limonene, and linalool. Myrcene offers a deep, herbal muskiness reminiscent of lush greenery. Limonene adds a refreshing citrus note, akin to a zesty lemon peel. Linalool completes the trio with floral and spicy nuances.

Medical Properties

Patients report migraine management using the Modified Gas cannabis strain. It has also been prescribed for Crohn’s Disease.


Modified Gas, cultivated by Green Carrot MG and packed in Germany, is a standout Indica Hybrid strain. With its THC content of approximately 27%, it’s a robust choice for cannabis patients in the UK. The strain’s lineage, a mix of First Class Funk and Great Gasoline, contributes to its unique characteristics. Its appearance, smell, and taste profiles are exceptional, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a potent and flavourful experience. Its relaxing effects are well-suited for pain relief and aiding in migraine management. Despite lacking specific cultivation and in-depth medical data, Modified Gas stands out as a superior strain in its category.

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