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Mimosa Evo

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Mimosa EVO, a product of meticulous breeding by the renowned Barneys Farm, is a cannabis strain that combines the best of both worlds. Glistening buds hint at its potency, while its scent is an olfactory journey from zesty citrus groves to lush berry fields. The experience it offers? A harmonious blend of relaxation and cerebral stimulation. Dive deep into our detailed review and uncover the magic that is the Mimosa EVO weed strain.

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Strain Breakdown


Mimosa EVO is a true visual delight, possessing large frosted buds that sparkle as if the morning dew has kissed them. Their substantial size and lustrous sheen hint at the rich cannabinoids and terpenes within, making them an eye-catching addition to any connoisseur’s collection. It’s evident that the intricate breeding process, particularly the inclusion of the Barneys Farm’s treasured Orange Punch, has produced a strain with not only superior potency but also an alluring aesthetic.


Once in the vicinity of the Mimosa EVO weed strain, you’re greeted with a zesty tropical fragrance that enlivens the senses. Punctuated by a robust, lemony citrus aroma, there’s a subtle undertone of sweet berries, which rounds out its olfactory profile and offers a harmonious blend of refreshing scents that tantalise the nostrils.


True to its aromatic promise, Mimosa EVO offers a delectable palette of flavours. The initial taste is dominated by a sharp, zesty citrus reminiscent of sun-ripened lemons from Mediterranean groves. This is followed by the mellow sweetness of exotic tropical fruits and an undercurrent of rich berries. There’s also a faint, earthy undertone that offers a grounding counterpoint to its fruitier notes, ensuring a well-balanced taste that lingers pleasantly on the palate.


Mimosa EVO is undeniably a cerebral treat. Consumption leads to feelings described as “floaty”, hinting at the euphoric lift it provides. While it invigorates the mind, sparking creativity and energy, its effects also have a restful quality. The result is a balanced experience, leaving one feeling happy, relaxed, and content without the heaviness that sometimes accompanies Indica-dominant strains.


For the green-thumbed enthusiast, the Mimosa EVO strain is a joy to cultivate. Indoor growers can expect bountiful yields, up to 700g/m2 readily achievable. Given its vigorous growth, ample space is advised. Outdoors, this strain reaches majestic heights of over 2.2 meters, potentially yielding a staggering 2kg per plant. Flowering completes by early October, following a 65-day period.


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Mimosa EVO cannabis strain, a masterpiece from Barneys Farm, is a potent blend of top-tier genetics, boasting impressive aesthetics, delightful aromas, and effects that both invigorate and relax. With robust yields and an array of benefits, it’s a strain that truly stands out in the vast cannabis landscape.

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