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Lemon Blues


Lemon Blues


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Lemon Blues terpenes

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Dive into a world where the zest of lemons meets the soulful rhythm of the Blues. Introducing the Lemon Blues Cannabis Strain – a mesmerising blend with an unparalleled aroma and an unforgettable taste. Bred from an old-school Blues phenotype and a mysterious lemony haze variant, this strain promises a unique sensory experience. Its appearance reveals a well-structured bud dotted with a myriad of milky trichomes. Moreover, its stimulating effects, perfect for a morning start, speak volumes about its therapeutic potential. A true gem for cannabis enthusiasts, Lemon Blues is waiting to take you on an unforgettable journey.

Strain Breakdown


When it comes to the Lemon Blues Cannabis Strain, its presentation is a sight to behold. The bud boasts an exemplary structure, exuding a sense of quality without being overwhelmingly dense. Upon closer inspection, a multitude of trichomes graces the surface, visible even to the naked eye. Indeed, with a microscope, their milky and succulent nature becomes even more pronounced.


The Lemon Blues strain captivates with its signature earthy lemon aroma, coupled with a subtle skunky undertone – a testament to its illustrious lineage. But the olfactory delights don’t end there. Crushing these buds releases a potently dank and skunky aura. Yet, the dominant lemon fragrance remains unparalleled, overpowering all else.


Lemon Blues does not disappoint in the flavour department. Predominantly, the tang of lemon is unmistakable. But accompanying it is the character of Blues, manifested as a skunky taste that impresses on every inhalation. This Lemon Blues Cannabis Strain holds a distinctive flavour profile, arguably outshining many other lemon-infused varieties in the market.


The Lemon Blues strain is a beacon of invigoration. Consuming it ushers in a euphoric and uplifting sensation almost instantly, hallmark characteristics of a sativa-leaning hybrid. Ideal for morning consumption, its effects linger, sustaining a festive mood for more than an hour.


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Medical Properties

The Lemon Blues strain showcases its therapeutic prowess through its mood-enhancing capabilities. It is a commendable choice for those looking to ward off morning blues and foster a sense of upliftment.


The Lemon Blues weed strain is an impeccable blend of the old-school Blues phenotype and a zesty, lemony haze strain. Its distinguished lemon aroma, coupled with a skunky undertone, promises a sensory feast. Moreover, its uplifting and prolonged effects cement its status as a top-tier cannabis strain for morning consumption.

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