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Hubba Bubba terpenes

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Venture into the world of Hubba Bubba, a masterpiece cannabis strain by Dank Hunters Seed Co. Imagine dense buds sparkling with trichomes, exuding an aroma where the sweet allure of Bubblegum meets the terpy treat that is ZkittleZ. Every puff is a symphony of flavours, offering a serene, almost meditative experience. This strain isn’t merely about relaxation; it’s a journey through a spectrum of sensory delights, a testament to the innovative combinations possible in the cannabis world.

Hubba Bubba strain possible side effects**

Strain Breakdown


One glance at Hubba Bubba’s buds reveals an enchanting panorama of nature’s artistry. The dense nuggets sparkle, generously coated with a shimmer of trichomes, reminiscent of a Haze strain’s characteristic ‘candy’ look. The hue is a medley of greens, from deep, moody shades to fresh, verdant tones, beautifully interspersed with amber pistils. Such intricacies in its bud structure give away its hybrid lineage.


Hubba Bubba’s olfactory delight is a harmonious blend of its ancestors. It captures the exquisite terpene profile of Zkittlez, then overlays it with an intensified sweet, fruity note, courtesy of the Bubblegum genetics. Where many Zkittlez offspring boast of a diesel-infused undertone, Hubba Bubba dares to differ, offering an aroma that’s distinct from the likes of OZK and Rainbow Belts.


Gastronomically, Hubba Bubba is a celebration. Whether consumed via a traditional bong or a modern vaporiser, the flavour is undeniably profound. The initial draw is cool and smooth, gradually unveiling sweet, terpy hints post-exhale. Notably, its intensity isn’t as overwhelming as some of its cousins, like Kosherberriez. The strain’s vapour stands out, easy to distinguish from its peers, bearing a rich, intense flavour that combines the zest of Zkittlez with Bubblegum’s signature fruity sweetness.


For those seeking a departure from life’s constant hustle, Hubba Bubba promises a respite. It offers a potent, body-centric stone, making it an excellent choice for balanced relaxation and jubilation without hindering one’s zeal to reengage with tasks. Just a couple of bowls or a brief vaping session might transport users to a serene, almost zen-like state of mind.


No data recorded.


No specific data recorded. However, the terpene profile is noted to be a blend of Zkittlez and Bubblegum genetics, hinting at a possibly diverse and rich terpene composition.

Medical Properties

A powerful relaxation agent, Hubba Bubba, might benefit those seeking relief from stress and anxiety. Its zen-like calming effect suggests potential utility in managing mood disorders or for general relaxation.


A product of Dank Hunters Seed Co, this strain is a delightful blend of old and new genetics. Its visual allure, coupled with its intricate aroma and flavour, makes it a top contender in the cannabis world. It offers a balanced high that’s both relaxing and invigorating, making it a must-try for cannabis connoisseurs.

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