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GMO Cookies, also referred to as Garlic Cookies, is a potent Indica-dominant hybrid strain. It is a cross between the enhancing Girl Scout Cookies and the powerful Chemdog strains. With a genetic composition of approximately 90% Indica and 10% Sativa, GMO Cookies offers a balanced and robust experience. This strain was carefully developed by Divine Genetics, a renowned company focused on crafting high-quality strains specifically tailored for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts.

Strain Breakdown


The allure of GMOs lies prominently in their unique presentation. Its Sativa-like growth, despite its primarily indica lineage, is immediately captivating. Vibrant greens interspersed with robust pistils give it an almost haze-like countenance. The trichomes generously dispersed on the nugs add to its appeal. Interestingly, the buds, though intricate, aren’t densely stacked, distinguishing GMOs from other strains on the spectrum.


As for the aroma, GMO truly stands out. While the “Garlic Mushroom Onions” tag might seem like an overstatement, the strain does carry undertones of garlic. However, what’s most surprising is its curious olfactory blend: reminiscences of old clothes, perhaps a whiff of a vintage market or boot sales, and even faint traces of body odour. Strikingly, instead of detracting, these scents merge into a rather pleasant olfactory experience, markedly devoid of the saccharine sweetness many associate with cannabis.


Sampling GMO is an indulgence. Through a bong, the smoke is delightfully smooth, cool, and unmistakably savoury, echoing its aromatic notes. The Dynavap reveals even more of this strain’s potent flavour, which is further accentuated when consumed as wax. One could even argue that this profile could be best enjoyed with meals.


A body-centric high typifies GMO’s effects, originating around the eyes before meandering to the muscles and joints. What starts as an uplifting, heady sensation morphs into a deep, zoned-in high, subtly altering one’s temporal perception.


GMOs offer moderate challenges to cultivators. Though it’s suited for indoor and outdoor cultivation, its potent scent makes outdoor growing preferable. The yield, ranging between 14 to 18 ounces per square metre, is impressive. However, this strain demands an experienced touch, given its average flowering time of 10 weeks and the mid-to-late October harvest period for outdoor crops.


Garlic Cookies’ terpene profile is notable. Dominantly, caryophyllene stands out, lending a spicy and herbal flavour while offering anti-inflammatory benefits. Limonene, on the other hand, imparts a citrus aroma while easing anxiety and stress. Lastly, myrcene enhances the GMO strain’s calming effects and adds to its herbal scent.

Medical Properties

GMO is favoured for its medicinal properties. Indica-driven effects induce quick relaxation. Users often report sensations of euphoria, happiness, and upliftment. Its therapeutic benefits range from combating insomnia and fatigue to alleviating symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, and pain.


In conclusion, GMO or Garlic Cookies stands as a testament to the possibilities of cannabis strains. A unique blend of appearance, aroma, taste, and effects makes it a favoured choice, particularly for seasoned users.

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