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Glory Glue (Adven EMT3)


Emt Glory Glue


Glory Glue (Adven EMT3)


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Glory Glue (Adven EMT3) terpenes

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Experience the transformative potential of Glory Glue, a high-THC cannabis strain offering rejuvenation and relief. This standout strain has demonstrated its effectiveness in providing an uplifting cerebral high. Grown in the tranquil fields of Portugal and carefully processed in the UK, Glory Glue features a potent terpene profile that initiates a comprehensive aromatic journey.

From its varied effects to its significant medicinal properties, this strain provides a unique experience that has been life-altering for individuals dealing with conditions like CPTSD. Whether you’re seeking relief from mental distress or a boost in energy, Glory Glue is a strain for patients to consider.

Strain Breakdown


Glory Glue’s buds are tight and exhibit a hybrid nature, characterised by dull green tones accentuated by yellow pistils. The Sativa-hybrid bud structure is unpretentious, offering a straightforward appeal to everyday users.


The Aroma profile of Glory Glue is a welcoming blend of peppery, tangy, and spicy notes. Bisabolol infuses calming undertones reminiscent of chamomile, while Myrcene introduces an earthy, musky scent akin to a forest after rainfall. Caryophyllene completes the aromatic experience with a subtle spicy kick. Despite its modest status, the aroma is satisfyingly complex.


The taste of Glory Glue is simple yet captivating. Initial herbal notes are complemented by a touch of creaminess, with contrasting elements of pepper and tanginess. The combination offers a decent taste experience, consistent with its standing.


Glory Glue, a Sativa-dominant hybrid, delivers a range of effects. With a THC content between 17% and 20%, it provides an uplifting cerebral high, motivating users to engage in activities. Some have reported improved sleep, suggesting a versatile range of benefits catering to various users.


Glory Glue is carefully cultivated in the fertile fields of Portugal by Curaleaf. The commitment to crafting this strain ensures it retains its unique characteristics and benefits.


Dominating the mix is Bisabolol, bestowing calming properties reminiscent of chamomile. Myrcene adds earthy and musky undertones, while Caryophyllene introduces a spicy note. Together, these terpenes craft an olfactory experience that is pleasantly diverse.

Medical Properties

Glory Glue has been reported to offer relief for individuals suffering from mental and physical ailments, including CPTSD. Users have found it to be a functional alternative to traditional medications, providing noticeable benefits within a short period.


Glory Glue, a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain, brings forth a blend of modest appearance, enticing aromas, and a satisfying taste. Its effects and medical properties render it a practical choice for users seeking therapeutic benefits. The strain crafts an experience that, while not extravagant, proves to be impactful and beneficial for many.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5
December 5, 2023

A very spacey strain that isn’t too sedating, one of the few sativas types that doesn’t seem to cause anxiety, good for listening to music and watching films although you may need the rewind button when watching TV as it makes short term memory a blur more so than other strains. A dependable do it all strain that is good for anxiety, philosophical thinking, spacing out to music, pain relief and sleep even it doesn’t cause much drowsiness. A good daytime strain. Can be quite trippy and introspective. Short lasting body high long lasting head high. Occasionally causes ravaging munchies.


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