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Gigantuan Auto, a marvel from the house of Aztech Genetics, is a testament to organic auto-flowering brilliance. Each bud tells a story, shimmering with frosty trichomes, promising a heady trip down the memory lanes of classic cannabis. Its scent is a symphony of traditional and Afghanica notes, teasing the senses and kindling one’s curiosity. As you indulge, Gigantuan Auto ensures a memorable ride—an auto-flowering smooth hit, a lingering taste, and a profound relaxation that captivates both body and soul. Dive into this review to unravel the wonders of this intriguing strain.

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Strain Breakdown


Gigantuan Auto, a delightful treat from Aztech Genetics, boasts an enticing appearance. Its well-presented buds are blanketed in a layer of frosty trichomes, punctuated with vibrant, yet not overly zealous, pistils. The density of the nug is palpable, offering a gentle resistance when lightly squeezed. The dual-shade nature of the buds I examined, each shimmering with its distinct frosty hue, adds an exquisite visual depth reminiscent of a jeweller’s carefully curated showcase.


Gigantuan Auto’s aroma transports one to the storied cannabis fields of yesteryear. At first, you’re greeted with a traditional cannabis scent, the kind that wafts into one’s nostrils unexpectedly. On closer intimacy, especially when one indulges in a direct whiff from its container, the aroma unfolds. Afghanica influences weave in, revealing old-school woody and earthy undertones. Once ground, these notes intensify, promising a sophisticated olfactory journey.


Sampling Gigantuan Auto through a trusty bong unveils its intricate flavour profile. The smoke is remarkably smooth, with the bong offering a chilled, flavour-rich hit, especially pronounced on the exhale. The old-school critical flavour shines through without any acrid bite. With the two bowls I ventured with, Gigantuan Auto stood out, delivering an unmatched smoking experience.


True to its Indica-dominant heritage, Gigantuan Auto induces profound body relaxation, letting you decelerate life’s frenetic pace momentarily. The effects belie its demure appearance, hitting with an intensity one wouldn’t expect from a strain seemingly sitting in the 13–18% THC bracket. Yet, this beauty packs over 22% THC. It doesn’t stop at the body; the high elevates the mind, presenting an uplifting mental canvas courtesy of the critical lineage.


This is where Gigantuan Auto truly stands out. It’s an auto-flowering strain, and the sample reviewed, grown organically, took a commendable 11 weeks from seed to harvest. Gigantuan Auto is versatile, flourishing both indoors and in greenhouses. With an indoor flowering time of about 56 days, growers can expect yields of 1–2 oz/Ft² indoors and 10 oz/plant outdoors.


Myrcene is the dominant terpene in Gigantuan Auto, followed closely by Linalool and Terpineol. This strain also features Limonene, Phellandrene, Geraniol, Caryophyllene, Carene, Bisabolol, and Pinene. The presence of such a diverse terpene profile augments its therapeutic benefits and imparts a rich flavour profile.

Medical Properties

Gigantuan Auto is sought after for alleviating concerns such as stress, lack of appetite, fatigue, depression, and arthritis. It’s a multifaceted strain that serves both recreational and therapeutic users.


Exploring Gigantuan Auto has been a delightful journey. This strain, a testament to organic auto-flowering genetics, offers an enjoyable smoking experience with its old-school flavour. It may not boast the trendy branding of some modern strains, but it stands tall in its classic glory. The potency surprise is the cherry on top, making Gigantuan Auto a strain to reckon with.

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