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Fruit Bowl


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FruitBowl by Karma Genetics is a tantalising blend of Alien Genetics’ Fruity Pebbles OG and Motiv303’s Udub, creating a hybrid strain that promises the best of both worlds. The compact, frosted appearance of its buds, enriched by lively shades of green and contrasting orange pistils, immediately catches the eye. Its fruity aroma, coupled with an earthy undertone, is a testament to its rich heritage that traces back to strains like Granddaddy Purple and Green Crack.

For those indulging, whether through a bong or a vaporiser, FruitBowl promises a journey of flavours—from blueberries and watermelons to a citrusy medley. As a hybrid, its effects are balanced, ensuring a clear-headed high perfect for morning use. Coupled with its potential therapeutic benefits, FruitBowl stands out as a must-try for cannabis enthusiasts.

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Strain Breakdown


Bred from a mix of Alien Genetics’ Fruity Pebbles OG and Motiv303’s Udub, FruitBowl by Karma Genetics stands as a distinctive hybrid. Boasting Sativa and Indica heritage, this strain grows impressively robust and promises a handsome yield. The buds, compact and weighty, are decorated with milky trichomes that give them an almost frosted appearance. The prevailing hues of lively green are beautifully offset by the cheery orange pistils, which provide a wonderful contrast without seeming wild.


Marrying the essence of Fruity Pebbles OG with Udub has given FruitBowl a wonderfully fruity and earthy aroma. With lineage traces dating back to strains like Granddaddy Purple and Green Crack, its scent profile is diverse. This cannabis strain exudes a tantalising fruity bouquet that’s simply irresistible.


FruitBowl, when experienced through a bong, promises the expected fruity undertone, making every drag smooth. This makes the entire affair very pleasant, ensuring no roughness and leaving you with a gratifying aftertaste. When vaped, especially with devices like the Mighty vaporiser, the flavour unveils added layers—notes of blueberry, watermelon, citrus, grape, and other delightful fruits—all culminating to define FruitBowl’s distinct palate.


Being a hybrid, FruitBowl offers an alert high, perfectly designed for a morning session. Even after indulging in two bowls and a vape session, its moderate THC levels, presumably under 20%, ensure the effects remain more mellow than overpowering. You’re left feeling relaxed, mentally uplifted, and with an overarching sense of well-being.


Demonstrating notable vigour, FruitBowl grows swiftly and is a gem for cultivators. Suitable for indoor growth, it typically flowers within a span of 8 to 9 weeks. By harvest time, the resin-laden buds are ready to flaunt their tropical fruit punch, accentuated with citrusy hints from the delightful Mandarina strain.


Drawing from its unique lineage that includes Fruity Pebbles OG, Udub, and Mandarina, FruitBowl flaunts an enticing terpene profile. These terpenes are the architects behind the captivating fruity aroma and flavour that set FruitBowl apart.

Medical Properties

FruitBowl’s formidable effects hold therapeutic promise. Its cerebral buzz, typical of Sativa strains, coexists harmoniously with a pronounced physical relaxation. It’s often sought-after for its ability to potentially mitigate a range of symptoms.


FruitBowl is truly a standout hybrid strain. Its intoxicating fruity flavours, silky-smooth consumption experience, and potent effects make it a cannabis aficionado’s delight. Whether you’re kick-starting your day or indulging during a break, FruitBowl is sure to enchant with its rejuvenating highs and relaxing lows. For cultivators, its vigour and impressive yield potential are added perks. Dive into a tropical symphony with FruitBowl.

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