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Chemdawg, or officially Chemdog, is a crossbreed between Kush, Northern Lights, and Hash Plant. The outcome is a balanced hybrid, evenly split between Indica and Sativa at 50/50.

Chem Dog: “Thirteen seeds. Started two in ’91. One was a male. I was 17. Foolishly, I threw it away. The other came out identical to what I got from Joe and P. in Deer Creek, Indiana, summer Tour 1991. I did not get the beans there. I got one sack of the Dog Bud, and thank god I did what I did. One became the original 91 cut. One became the Sister. I believe it was 2005, then Chem Dog D, which is still very popular. Without the Chem Dog, there’d be no Sour. He will agree with that. From what I remember Joe telling me, he said some people called it Dog, some called it Chem. Either way, people, it’s d-o-g, not d-a-w-g. Brett from Apothecary Seeds bred the 91 cut and called that Chem Dawg. Could be wrong. Arjan of Greenhouse got the 91 cuts, and he spelt it correctly, so he gets props for that.”

Strain Breakdown


Chemdawg is a legendary strain with an uncertain genetic history. Whilst it is believed to be a cross of Thai and Nepalese sativa landraces by US breeders, its creation has been claimed by many. Origin stories range from a complex seed exchange at a Grateful Dead concert to attributing its parentage to a Colorado strain called Dog Bud. The buds of Chemdawg are characterised by dark green and vivid colours, complemented by orange pistils. The trichomes are thick and abundant, giving the buds a captivating appearance.


The scent of Chemdawg is highly distinctive, with spicy, diesel, and earthy aromas. Occasionally, smokers may detect hints of lemon and pine. However, due to its strong diesel aroma, it is not recommended in edibles such as biscuits and brownies.


When it comes to taste, Chemdawg delivers a complex experience. Its flavour profile is known for its earthy, diesel undertones. Smokers may also notice subtle hints of lemon and pine, adding a refreshing touch to the overall taste. The combination of these flavours creates a unique and memorable smoking experience.


Chemdawg’s effects are renowned for their potency and range. With THC levels often reaching between 18% and 20%, this strain offers a powerful high that can have both cerebral and physical effects. Smokers often report a euphoric and uplifting mental state, accompanied by a sense of happiness and creativity. The physical effects of Chemdawg can induce deep relaxation and relief from tension. However, it is important to note that individuals with low tolerance should approach this strain cautiously due to its potency.


Cultivating Chemdawg requires a level of expertise and attention to detail. This strain can be grown indoors and outdoors, offering flexibility to growers. Indoor cultivation allows for better control of environmental factors, while outdoor cultivation takes advantage of natural sunlight. The flowering period of Chemdawg typically spans 7 to 9 weeks, and growers can expect moderate to high yields. Aspiring cultivators should seek guidance and advice from experienced professionals to ensure successful cultivation.


Chemdawg showcases a prominent terpene profile, contributing to its unique aroma and effects. The dominant terpenes in this strain are caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. Caryophyllene provides the strain with its distinct intense and spicy aroma, while myrcene contributes to its earthy and musky undertones. Limonene adds a touch of citrus and freshness to the overall scent. Together, these terpenes enhance the overall experience of Chemdawg.

Medical Properties

Chemdawg has been reported to provide relief for various conditions and symptoms. It is commonly used to alleviate chronic pain, mood disorders, lack of energy, and glaucoma. This strain’s relaxing and euphoric effects can offer relief from stress and anxiety. Additionally, individuals experiencing lethargy or needing an energy boost may find Chemdawg a helpful solution. However, it is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional for personalised medical advice.


In conclusion, Chemdawg’s uncertain genetic origins and legendary status have contributed to its enduring popularity. Its captivating appearance, with dark green buds adorned with orange pistils and abundant trichomes, is a testament to its visual appeal. The intense and diesel-like aroma, complemented by hints of lemon and pine, makes Chemdawg.

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