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Remembering a Cannabis Visionary: Milo Yung and His Pioneering Role in Shaping Big Buddha Seeds

A wave of sadness washed over the global cannabis community with the unexpected passing of cannabis visionary Milo Yung in May 2023. Known for founding Big Buddha Seeds, the British trailblazer was a powerful force in the sector, demonstrating an unyielding passion for botanical advancement.

Born and bred in the UK’s West Midlands, Yung stepped into the arena of cannabis cultivation quite early, aged just 15. His humble start in the world of gardening ignited an enduring interest that led him to grow into an influential player within the industry. By the time he turned 18, Yung had ventured into indoor cultivation with a vision to provide the market with unparalleled cannabis quality. His relentless pursuit of excellence and knack for cultivation facilitated a fruitful partnership as an editor for a prominent cannabis publication.

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Among Yung’s groundbreaking initiatives was his work on the seed version of the original clone of the illustrious Cheese. According to industry folklore, Cheese, a rare and tightly controlled variant, originated from a Skunk #1 selection by Sensi Seeds. Despite the inherent challenges in acquiring this clone, Yung succeeded and utilised it to bring about a revolution in the cannabis landscape.

This venture marked the genesis of Big Buddha Cheese, a venture that required meticulous backcrossing over five generations using an Afghan genetic. After an intense period of trial and development, Yung masterfully developed a version of Cheese in seed form that mirrored the characteristics of its mother clone. The new strain boasted a robust aroma, hefty, dense buds, and remarkable yields.

Yung’s unwavering dedication bore fruit in 2006 when Big Buddha Cheese was awarded Best Indica at the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup. This win thrust Cheese genetics into the limelight and triggered an overwhelming enthusiasm for Cheese among the UK’s domestic growers and cannabis enthusiasts.

Despite his soaring success, Yung found himself in legal tangles in the UK, leading him to relocate to a more cannabis-friendly environment in Southern Spain. This relocation allowed cannabis visionary Yung to delve deeper into his breeding work without worrying about legal entanglements.

While in Spain, Yung continued his trailblazing work with Cheese genetics. During this phase, one of his noteworthy achievements was the development of the Blue Cheese strain, a potent blend of Cheese and Blueberry. Blue Cheese quickly became a fan favourite for its distinctive aroma, flavour, high yield, and superior resin quality, marking another significant milestone for Big Buddha Seeds.

The abrupt loss of Milo Yung represents a significant blow to the cannabis community, but his influence on the sector remains indelible. His rigorous breeding methodologies produced some of the most desired cannabis genetics globally. Among the many iconic strains he leaves behind are Big Buddha Cheese, Chiesel, Blue Cheese, and Buddha Haze, which continue to be popular today.

Milo Yung’s commitment to preserving genetic diversity promises that future generations will enjoy access to potent, flavourful, and high-quality cannabis strains. His unparalleled contributions to the cannabis world will be fondly remembered, and his passion will continue to inspire cultivators and enthusiasts alike. As we bid farewell to cannabis visionary Yung and celebrate his life and accomplishments, we remember that his work continues to influence the cannabis industry’s landscape. His legacy is a testament to his invincible spirit, a true legend in the cannabis world.