Welcome to Strains. UK, the home of the UK's most comprehensive medical cannabis strain database. Our mission is to equip patients with exhaustive information on legally accessible strains.

We are curating hundreds of strains (cultivars) in our extensive database. The information we provide spans strain names, growing information, classifications (whether Indica, Sativa or Hybrid), producer details, percentages of THC and CBD, and the conditions each strain may help to alleviate, such as anxiety, diabetes or pain. We also delve into the distinct flavour profiles, from pine to skunk, and the dominant and non-dominant terpenes present in each strain.

In the spirit of creating a shared knowledge base and fostering open discussions, every strain page features a user-friendly rating system. Site users are encouraged to share their experiences and rate the effectiveness of each strain. As part of our ongoing commitment to aesthetic elegance and simplicity, we're refining our user interface, and soon, we will be showcasing a minimalistic star rating just below the image of each cannabis strain. This rating will be paired with the number of users who have contributed to it, making for a streamlined and user-centric experience.

Committed to the accessibility and user-friendliness of our platform, we're working on enhancing site navigation. Future updates include the introduction of hoverable sub-menus, which will enable our users to directly access different strain types. Moreover, our blog section will become a hub of informative content derived from our exhaustive database, serving as a rich resource for those keen to learn more about cannabis strains.

Looking ahead, we're excited about some ambitious plans. We'll be hiring a dedicated studio space to professionally photograph any UK legal and medical strains, enhancing the visual content available on our website. We're also exploring the introduction of interactive 3D spin widgets offering visitors control over rotation, similar to Nike trainers' presentations.

In essence, strains UK strives to be a resourceful platform for a broad audience seeking to educate themselves about medical cannabis. We're dedicated to guiding our users towards the relevant resources our industry partners provide. We invite you to explore, engage and share the wealth of knowledge we've curated just for you.

We're continuously evolving and excited to have you on this journey with us. Together, we can enlighten the conversation around medical cannabis.